The expansion and improvements at King Law Chambers continues.

Over the past 5 years, the growth of King Law Chambers is truly remarkable.

in 2010, the chambers consisted of only 5 lawyers. In 2017, that number is closer to 70. Looking forward to the next 5 years, we hope to bring that number into the hundreds. Our chambers has recognized a modern need in office space and working solutions for lawyers. By embracing modern technology, efficient working spaces, and adaptive work structures and solutions, our chambers continues to thrive.

To keep up with the growth of King Law Chambers, and its corresponding demand by lawyers and legal professionals in the Greater Toronto Area, we have added four options of entry into our chambers.

In addition to our prestigious offices, we offer collaborative working space, dedicated work desks, and private work pods. These various options offer solutions for every type of practice.  Whether you are a seasoned lawyer leaving Bay St., or a first year call looking to practice as lean as possible before hitting your stride, our chambers has an option for you.

Continue reading to learn specifically what those options mean and what King Law Chambers has available for you. Let us be part of your success.

Prestigious offices (Toronto’s finest)

The offices at King Law Chambers are some of the most beautiful and prestigious you will find in Toronto. Located beside newly renovated Berczy Park and St Lawrence Market, our office combine combine the historic charm of Old Toronto, while still being with in a 2 minute walk to the core of Bay St.

Our offices range from $1600.00 to $3000.00 depending on the size and desirability of the space. Please contact us to take a tour and see what is available.  Offices within the space are high in demand and often with a waiting list. Give us a call to see what options exist.

Collaborative Space (Practicing lean doesn’t need to be without all the benefits of a full office)

There is nothing “virtual” about our space.

Many offices and chambers offer solutions that allow lawyers to book boardrooms, pick up mail, and get their messages.  To us, this is inadequate.

Practicing law isn’t coming and going. To be successful, one has to be part of a legal community.  Lawyers need administrative support, comfortable working areas, private meetings, and above all, mentorship.  Lawyer need the ability to engage their peers, to discuss ideas, to develop strategies.  What we do is practice law and like anything we practice in life, it can’t be virtual if we want to succeed.

With this philosophy in mind, our collaborative space is much more.  We encourage our collaborative tenants to be as present and as engaged in the space as any of our other tenants. As a result, our collaborative tenants enjoy the benefits of a dedicated working area where they feel comfortable and welcome practicing every day.

Some of our collaborative tenants are recent calls, others use this option for a satellite office, and others use it because it just fits with their idea of what they want out of their practice. Come collaborate with the lawyers at King Law Chambers. For $729.00 a month, on a month to month basis, your practice will thrive.

Dedicated work desks (Collaborative space 2.0)

With the success of our collaborative space, we have developed a new option available to lawyers wanting a lean practice, but with the ability for more permanency. Our dedicated work desks provide that perfect balance. This allows lawyers to set up desktop computers and tweak their work area in a manner they prefer. Each work desk comes with a secure locking drawer and large filing cabinet to store files and valuables.

Individual preferences and work space matters. This is our answer to that (and for only $995.00 a month). This also works as a viable solution for lawyers who have support, students, or associates working for them. Combining this option with the benefits of the chambers (boardrooms, legal support, advanced technology, high speed internet) is the means necessary to advance your practice.  These options also work perfectly for firms who rent offices in the chambers and wish to have a place for associates and students to work.

Contact us and let us find the right solution for your practice.

Whether you are an established lawyer or first year call, King Law Chambers has the solution for your practice. Call or email us to learn more and take a tour.  We want to see you succeed.