Administrative support as you need it, when you need it.

There is much more to running a law practice than knowing the law. The day-to-day business of office administration, human resources, infrastructure planning and management can at times be overwhelming. Lawyers need more time practicing law, and less time ordering staples and calculating payroll.

Simple solutions for complicated support needs.

King Law Chambers strives to provide a simple and comprehensive solution for lawyers who would rather be working on files that concerning themselves with the stresses of business management.

Over the years, we have come to learn that lawyers need some types support all the time, and all types of support some of the time. That is why our office includes the amenities and support that lawyers need on a daily, if not hourly basis. Conversely, we offer professional and properly trained legal support that is available by order, on an hourly, per specifications basis.

This  system of support obtains the perfect balance of only paying for what a members needs, and nothing more. Notwithstanding, our members still have the luxury that full-time legal assistants offer. In addition, our members do not have to worry with the cost, responsibilities, and liabilities associated with having employees.

Notwithstanding, members are always welcome to hire their own support and have them operate within the ambit of that individual member’s business. Unlike lawyers, legal assistants and articling students are not required to pay any additional rates other than any dedicated space they seek to rent in addition to the principal’s rental office.

Urgent or same day services at affordable rates.

legal support king law chambers

King Law Chambers’ legal support is available for $64.95 / hour.  Learn more at our rates and services page.