Social media management for lawyers and law firms.

why-social-media-marketing-streng-design-advertising-16King Law Chambers offers social media services specially designed for lawyers and law firms. Our social media for lawyers services is offered to both members of the chambers, and those with practices outside our offices.

If you are a law firm or lawyer in need of assistance to effectively manage your social media, we can help.

Get a head start on your social media campaign designed exclusively for lawyers and law firms.

Our thorough understanding of the legal market, legal trends, and relevant legal news, allow us to offer a service like no other. With over 20 hand-picked sources of legal news feeds and sources, we ensure the content we generate for our clients is engaging to targeted legal influencers.

Social media creating and management for lawyers and law firms has demands and expectations like no other.

We understand how important your reputation is to your legal practice.

Before we start any social media or marketing campaign, we sit down and obtain a comprehensive understanding of the goals, brand, and budget of the lawyer or law firm. Handing over the reigns of a law firm or lawyer’s reputation to another is no simple task.  Our marketing team ensure takes great care in ensuring that all engagement and social media is accomplished with the greater of caution.  Our cautious, yet highly effective approach, ensures that objectives are clear and targeted audiences are defined.

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Find out how we can help advance your practice through social media.

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Speaker to our Director of Communications and Marketing by calling (647) 668-8676. We would be happy to offer you a customized solution and pricing for your specific practice.

Building relationships for lawyers on social media.

Our chambers if home to over 50 independent lawyers and law firms.  Using these and other valuable connections, we can immediately kick start your legal networking into overdrive.

Most of these direct legal contacts are highly skilled practitioners with familiarity of social media and its benefits. Some of these lawyers have even written extensive articles on the topic and spoken at conferences.  Through our connections and knowledge, your social media campaign will already enjoy a head start that it would take others months to obtain.

Through this network, we also have an advanced understanding of the influencers, popular and meaningful hashtags, relevant legal conferences, and current legal news in the industry. King Law Chambers marketing for social media is like no other in the industry. The value we offer is truly incomparable.

Speak to our marketing team today to learn more on how we can our marketing network to advance your practice.