Your law practice, your way.

The philosophy

In 2010, King Law Chambers started at King and Bathurst in a modest space with 3 lawyers, one articling student, and two part-time support staff. At that time, the chambers was little more than an arrangement among like-minded lawyers seeking to practice law in a way that was innovative, collaborative, cost-effective, and conscious of the contemporary needs and expectations of clients.

Driven by this philosophy, King Law Chambers has now grown to over 60 lawyer members who practice in a wide range of legal issues, including: family, employment, immigration, civil litigation, regulatory, business, criminal law, and many others.

The lawyers and professionals within the space are all accomplished and exceptional in their own right.  Our chambers if very proud of every member who has integrated our chambers into their delivery of legal services.

We are also proud of the mutual benefits our members’ obtain through continual mentorship and collaboration in finding innovative and effective solutions for their respective clients. It is no secret the best legal services and advice is a product of expert collaboration. Leading law firms have realized and invested considerable amounts of resources in restructuring to obtain this ideal within our chambers.[1]

The location

Built in 1875, the location on Front Street is an aesthetically awesome that has an unparalleled charm and refinement. It is a perfect combination of balancing the old and new. It also achieves financial core centrality but not within the sterility of Bay Street office towers.

With over 10,000 square feet, Our Front Street location is well equipped with advanced technology for conferencing, prestigious boardrooms, vibrant collaborative space, support space, private meeting and telephone rooms, and an equipped café and kitchen. In short, King Law Chambers on Front is like nothing else in Canada for complete, simple, and effective legal office solutions.

All membership comes with unlimited access to our satellite office in York Region, in close proximity to the Newmarket Courthouse. More of these satellite offices as expected in the future.