Why Lawyers Are Avoiding Traditional Office Space and Embracing the Coworking Movement

Countless industries have been disrupted by technology and innovation and yet the law has remained conspicuously unchanged. While we have a ways to go in modernizing the justice system at large, there have been advancements in how and where lawyers practice law.

With rising real estate rates and working from home simply not feasible for most lawyers, what office solutions are available? Even though the coworking movement has its origins among freelancers, entrepreneurs, and the tech industry, it has become increasingly relevant for the law. King Law Chambers encourages you to embrace the changing legal landscape with a nimble, entrepreneurial spirit. There are many benefits to a more collaborative approach to legal office space.

1. Money, Money, Money

Renting traditional office space as a sole practitioner is out of the question for many lawyers due to high upfront costs, hiring of support staff, and stale offerings. King Law Chambers is the first and only innovative coworking office space specifically designed for members of the legal community. We offer customized spaces in Toronto’s downtown core, whether it is a fully serviced individual office, collaborative/coworking  space, or our newly installed dedicated work stations that provide a perfect combination of personal privacy within a dynamic open plan environment. In addition to beautiful office space and amenities, we provide fibre optic data lines, conference rooms, high-end printers, reception and on-demand support staff. These luxuries are available to all our membership levels, starting at just $729.00/per month.

2. Environment

KLC is more flexible, more efficient, and more productive than traditional office space. This coworking and collaborative approach to office space represents a cultural shift in the legal community. Lawyers can now access innovative and affordable office space that provides not only the resources needed to run a law practice, but also the opportunity to collaborate with other dynamic individuals and small firms. Our exciting space invites interaction and a chance to build connections with lawyers from a variety of legal fields. Because of our diversity we also have a strong referral system amongst our members, each supporting one another in building a thriving practice. In an effort to highlight our amazing members, we regularly host networking events, CPD programs, and social events.

3. Control

The law is dynamic and shifting, and it’s only fitting that your legal practices reflect this trend. Coworking and law chambers like KLC allow you to choose the appropriate package to suit your needs, ranging from collaborative space, to permanent, private offices. Because your needs may change month to month, this implicit flexibility represents a distinct advantage over private leases which may not account for your budget or schedule. Lawyers need to be able to choose office space that suits their individual needs. Whether you are an out-of-town lawyer who requires a meeting and event space, or you are a larger firm that requires closed offices and administrative support stations, we offer options as your business changes.