Where will all the lawyers go?

Right now the new Ontario Court of Justice criminal courthouse is nothing more than a hole in the ground on University Avenue in Toronto’s downtown core. When it is finished it will replace five courthouses spread around the periphery of the city. The tentative completion date isn’t until 2021. But now is precisely the time for lawyers who practice around the, soon-to-be obsolete locations, to come up with a game plan.

New courthouse toronto

The days are long, but the years are short.

Unlike the previous courthouse projects, this structure will be situated in an already very crowded section of the largest city in the country. Traffic, public transit, and parking will all feel the strain of a massive daily influx to the megacourthouse. Not to mention the expensive, competitive, and already saturated commercial real estate market. Is it even an option for dozens, if not hundreds, of lawyers to migrate back to the city centre?

All services in one courthouse

Justice services and programs – including drug treatment, Indigenous Persons, youth and mental health courts, and support for victims will all be housed in the state-of-the-art facility, as will administration, judges, and crown attorneys. But where will all the lawyers go?

In an interview with CBC news Melanie Manchee, President of the Toronto Lawyers Association, critical of the looming changes, said – “From the perspective of Torontonians these satellite provincial courthouses have worked pretty well.”

But they have also worked well in stalling lawyers from becoming more nimble, creative, and inspired to keep pace with an evolving entrepreneurial landscape. Because let’s not forget, if you run a private practice, you are also an entrepreneur.

While entrepreneurs and start-ups can take advantage of incubators, accelerators, and coworking office space, lawyers have traditionally been confined to out-dated offices, until now.

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The 2021 countdown is on. Where will you go?