The Grand Opening Event and Questions About the Future for KLC…

Banff Room KLC PartyOur recent grand opening was a huge success and attracted many lawyers and media to celebrate the best way to practice law in Toronto. As part of this, we were fortunate to host members of the award winning legal print and digital publication Precedent Magazine.
Writer Daniel Fish asked Sean Robichaud of KLC a number of questions on behalf o the magazine in relation to the launch.  We provide the complete questions and answers here.

Can you talk a bit about the history of your chambers — when and why you started it? when you decided you needed the two-floor suite you have now?

KLC Opening PArty 3When the chambers started in 2010, it was little more than a small group of lawyers sharing office space in King West. As a result of a number of fortunate circumstances, the chambers was able to grow and acquire more space within the same building.  When this happened, and looking at a blank slate of brick and concrete, we seriously put our mind to what the future of practicing law should look like.
We felt that legal practitioners can and ought to use more contemporary work space designs that place greater emphasis on maximizing the benefits of technology, collaboration, and open work environments. The practice of law does not need to be done in cramped and dusty offices with drop ceilings and fluorescent lightings.
At the same time, we had to put our mind to unique solutions that did not exist elsewhere because of the specific regulatory and practice requirements of lawyers. We sought to create a perfect balance of a bright, social, and collaborative work environment, while at the same time meeting the specific demands of legal practice. We also placed considerable effort and expense in the aesthetics of the chambers for client presentation and meetings to reflect the excellence of service our members provide.
Our ongoing critical reflection of these values and objectives has resulted in our new space on Front St. E. that is unlike anything else in Canada. Our view is that our chambers will serve as a model for the practice of law in the future as clients looks to more innovative, adaptive, and advanced practices that our chambers seems to attract.

Are you surprised by the pace of growth?

Yes. King Law Chambers’ growth is truly remarkable.  As much as I believed in the concept, it was pleasantly surprising to see how much it actually aligned with the demands of the market for legal practitioners. Since our inception, we have grown from two part time staff and three lawyers members to now 2016 we house over forty lawyers and six and part and full time staff with no loss of momentum.

With 45 lawyers on the roster, what kind of a community have you built?

The eclectic expertise of our lawyers is truly special. We now operate in a manner to a full service firm, with an answer to nearly any legal question just down the hallway; all the while, these lawyers are practicing in their own ways and independent from the restrictions and limitations that full service firms may place upon individual lawyers.   This has really fostered an atmosphere that is social, friendly, and collaborative while at the same time highly professional and efficacious in providing comprehensive legal advice to our respective clients.


Based on the range of party-goers I met, you have plenty of supporters from a range of practice areas — how important is that? is it gratifying?

KLC Party Opening 2The support of everyone at the party is really just a support for the concept that King Law Chambers stands for.  In a way, it is a support of the notion that we can break the traditional limitations of law and practice in the way we each want and deserve. T his support of all our members is also proven to be contagious with everyone effectively floating each other by our individual reputations.
To me, the atmosphere of the party is the rising tide our members’ boats are floating upon.